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Lara & Jack Wedding 220815 by Barney Walters_1045_BW2_0939 [22465]Name: Lara Jones, Germany.
Good Noise Inc. Review

Zermatt Review:

Apres Ski in Zermatt

We have been to Zermatt for quite some years now and every time Paul Cross and his gang manage to exceed our party expectations. We love live music and Good Noise Inc are living every single song they sing. You can really feel that they pour their hearts into their entire performance just to get up the next morning and do the whole thing all over again!

Besides their vast collections of songs, they sense and react to the vibe of the crowd while taking the p*** when needed. All in all, super cool guys who know how to throw a good party, no matter where and when!

Engagement Review:

Lara & Jack’s engagement in Zermatt

In 2014 Jack asked me to marry him on the side of the slopes in front of Zermatt’s Matterhorn. After a few drinks with our friends at the Hennustall, we all went down to continue celebrating in the Pappala pub where we danced the night away (on – and off stage) to Good Noise Inc.’s music. Despite a few failed round buying attempts from my side the guys did not stop playing, so we could not go home. This is when we realised that this is exactly what we want for our wedding party! We asked them there and then, written on a piece of paper, if they want to play at our wedding, not knowing when and where it would be. They said yes and 17 months later they rocked up in Clovelly, North Devon for our wedding weekend.

Wedding Review:

Lara & Jack’s wedding in Clovelly, North Devon – August 25th, 2015

Why? Good Noise Inc. is the best live band we know. Besides their vast song collection, they know how to entertain, feel and react to the vibe of the crowd!

No matter who, what or where it is, they will make your guestsnever wanting to leave the dancefloor ever again.

What? We booked the band including sound system and engineer for our entire wedding weekend:

Friday Night – Get together: In the Red Lion pub, down at the harbour, the band set up to play a great range or warm up songs, getting our guests all excited about the next day.

Church – Signing the registrar: Being a fan of live music and Paul’s voice we asked him to play an acoustic version of Mumford and Son’s “lover of the light” while we were signing the registrar. It was truly a magical moment and a lot of our guests still get goose bumps thinking back.
Outdoor Reception: All you need is Paul and Fran with their guitars! They created such an amazing atmosphere at our outdoor reception, playing a range of relaxed songs.

Evening – Full Band: As first dance we had “Your love is strong + Under my thumb by The Rolling Stones, which really kicked off the party. The guys were absolutely incredible! Rocking the house until the early morning hours, making our wedding to one of the best parties we have ever had, while having a ball themselves.

How? Booking Good Noise Inc. was the easiest thing. We told them our ideas, I wrote down a few essential songs and that was it. We only set up the stage inside the marquee, supplied the required power and everything else was sorted without us even noticing. There was no further briefing needed.

These guys are the most professional, fun and individual wedding band you can wish for. We are already looking forward to our anniversary party.

Andrew Spencer Review:

Good noise Inc. should be GREAT noise inc. fantastic music, these boys know how to bring the party!!

Chris Pitcher, South Africa:

It actually does exactly what it says on the label. great attitude, great guys, great noise. seen them twice and had a brilliant party both times. this is a band that will, in the words of the beastie boys, ‘fight for your right to party!’

Felix von Humboldt, Germany:

Really awesome band. They dont only cover songs, they give them a really nice personal touch to make some of the songs even better then the originals. Great f****** music, the guys know how to party

John Jones, Wales:

We heard Good Noise Inc in Zermatt as an apres ski band, at which they kept the party going all night! So we had them a year later at our wedding, best thing we did was not really give our own music wants. The guys nailed it at whichever location, Paul guitar in the church, outdoor lawn reception, then to the night party! They kept going as torrential rain started popping the power… they will seriously help make any event the best it can be, you will not be disappointed, just probably quite hungover.

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