About Us

Good Noise Inc is a collection of professional musicians from all over the world. We eat, We drink, We play and, you can see that when you experience one of our performances. We have been successfully playing all over the world for the past five years and have had the pleasure of playing in some amazing places such as Switzerland, Ibiza, Austria, Mexico, Italy, Croatia, USA, UK and many many more! If you really want us to come and play we are more than happy to travel anywhere. We have a mixed bag of members also, with musicians from England, Spain, Cyprus, Australia and even someone from Scotland!
We know more songs than you can think of and can sing in four different languages meaning there isn’t much stuff we won’t attempt. Honestly you can’t scare us! If there’s something really specific you want us to do (within reason ;p ) just ask! Go to our contact page and we can go from there… Plus you get to speak directly to one of us that way. What more could you want?!?

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